Wax Cold

I’ve been fascinated by a lovely lady’s album lately. Her name is Simisola – Nigerian artist – unique voice – singer songwriter. Quite authentic in my opinion. First Track on her album titled “Remind Me” struck a very deep chord in me.

Lyrics of the song goes ……..

[Verse 1]

I forgot how to be the kind of person that you asked me to be

I forgot how to see love in everything

I forgot totally

My brother say he love me, I love am too

My man call me honey I call am boo

But my neighbor no like me I hate am too

A man call me stupid I call am fool

Cause I forgot how to love the way you asked me too


Remind me, Remind Me how…To lololo lolo lolove

To lololololololove

The first time I listened to it, i questioned if I was doing enough for God. No – I didn’t forget how to love or show kindness but am I doing enough of it? When I think of daily struggles and all the multiple demands from me everyday – do I look to see if anyone needs help or attention? Do I sting back when someone offends me? Am I so caught up with what man expects from me than what God expects of me?

If anything the song reminded that life is a gift and it should be spent on the things that truly gives it meaning – LOVE. Afterall our Father is all about Love. He is LOVE.

So as I encourage myself today, I challenge you to do the same. Share at least one act of love to more than just your loved ones each day. Put a smile on someone’s face. Give that beggar some change. Share your umbrella with someone who has none on a rainy day. Call that uncle/aunt/cousin you haven’t spoken to in ages. Just do it. LOVE

Enjoy the song –



4 comments on “Wax Cold”
  1. ayoibiloye says:

    Beautiful reminder. Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lesley Idialu says:

    Makes me reflect… am I doing enough, can do more yes! I can… and should

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Esther Akin says:

    Ooh!! Got to listen to the song now! And reflect on how well I reflect God!

    Liked by 1 person

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